Anti Lost Pet GPS Tracker , GSM LBS Call Function GPS Tracking Collar For Cats

Anti Lost Pet Locator Gps Realtime Gps Gsm WIFI LBS Call Function Tracker Collar



1. With Speaker and Microphone, two way voice communication.

2. GSM/GPRS mode, supporting four kinds of frequency combinations: 900/1800/850/1900MHz

3. Featuring high sensitivity, new technology and the most advanced GPS chip

4. Accurate positioning even in weak signal condition

5. Good performance in limited spaces such as a narrow urban area

6. Extremely low energy consumption

7. Fast signal capture, AGPS supported.

8. Support single location positioning and continuous tracking

9. support alert and remote pickup

10. Real-time position tracking

11. IP66-rated waterproof



Support operate system Support 2.3 and above system, IOS5.0 and above
Voice intercom Support voice intercome function
Call function Support voice monitor function
Language support Simplified Chinese, English
GSM+GPRS+GPS+WIFI GPS+WIFI+LBS multi-mode positioning
Support AGPS Cool start 26 seconds positioning
Power management Ultra-low consumption of power managment, intelligent dormancy

Smart Geo-fence

Can automatic alarm when out of range
Historicial route Can check three months' historical route
base station location


Longest standby time

5 days

Wireless upgrading

Software remote upgrading, remote debugging maintence , remote setting parameters




1. Real-time tracking

2. Historical route

3. Geo-fence

4. Voice monitoring

5. Various work modes: rapid positioning, standard positioning and save electricity positioning.

6. Multi-platform monitoring: support android, apple mobile phone system, computer network clients, etc

7. Universal: four frequency support GSM network, languages and time zone setting, build global online parameters




For PC:

For Android

You can download the app from "google play" by searching "AIBEILE"

For Iphone

You can download the app from "app store" by searching "AIBEILE"


Note: the installation process prompts whether to trust this program, or whether to allow access to mobile phone location, please choose trust or allow.


Anti Lost Pet GPS Tracker , GSM LBS Call Function GPS Tracking Collar For Cats



Pet GPS Tracker

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