IoT Cargo Management GPS Container Lock Platform Controling / Monitoring

IoT Cargo management GPS tracking Padlock Platform controling and monitoring


1. Product introduction


GLL-150 lock is mainly used for intelligent logistics logistics, can further strengthen the logistics monitoring system, especially strengthen the car (including the box type trucks, container transport) in transit transit supervision, the use of high technology content of intelligent electronic lock.

GLL150 lock is a set of RFID, GPS/, Beidou RF technology and intelligent electronic lock as a whole, with satellite positioning technology, wireless transmission technology, BSL positioning, design a highly integrated intelligent electronic lock. Intelligent lock has only designated locations, designated ID can unlock, illegal unlock, alarm and can be achieved, and can achieve remote lock function


2. Product parameters


Powe input DC5V/2A
Environment Working temperature: -30℃ to 80℃
Storage temperature: -45℃ to 85℃
Waterproof grade: IP67
Humidity: 95% non condensing humidity environmental test equipment is not damaged,
Mechanical vibration: Consistent with the half cycle sine wave 30g specified in the IEC60068-2-2 vibration acceleration lasting 11 ms test environment to ensure that the equipment is not damaged
Location UBLOX GPS,the precise scope of 10 meters
Alarms Low power alarm; anti break alarm; Anti theft alarm; Drop alarm
Security strength High strength alloy, stainless steel lock rod embedded. Using mechanical and electronic double locking. After the closure , the lock rod seal resistance (refers to directly stimulate the lock rod) > 100kg;
Battery Li battery 6000MA/3.6-4.2V; endurance ability >7 day (3 minutes reported in a location information)
Storage 2M Flash , >5000 blind spot data stored;
Emergency In the event of failure cases, the antenna cover is destroyed, will pull down the emergency device, the lock rod can be ejected out from the lock body. After the damage, depot replacement with antenna cover;


Blue LED --- indicates the charge status


State State
Flash (flash once every 1 second) Flash (flash once every 1 second)
Slow flash (every 3 seconds flash) Slow flash (every 3 seconds flash)
Frenzy (0.2 seconds flash 2S) Frenzy (0.2 seconds flash 2S)

4. Main pieces and accessories

1. the logistics lock a host

2. a charger

3. a chain line

4. warranty card

5. certificate


5. FAQ


Q1. How to remotely monitor my assets?

A: We offer three ways to access your assets online. The first way is to log inour web browser to view the history trace play back , real-time tracking and so on; The second way is to view it on your pc ( software for windows only).;The third way is through APP( ISO or Android)

Q2. Is it OK to print my logo on the product?

A: Yes. Please inform us formally before our production and confirm the design firstly based on our sample.

Q3: Do you offer guarantee for the products?

A: Yes, we offer 12 months' warranty to our products.

Q4: When is the shipping date?

A: Within one week after the payment.


Q5: Do you have 2G version?


A: Yes, we do have 2G version and 3G version, and 2G version is much cheaper than 3G version.


6. Location monitoring


When using a computer or mobile phone to monitor the terminal, the mobile phone or computer is required to access the Intel Network normally.

Enter in the IE browser's address bar:, as shown in the following figure:


IoT Cargo Management GPS Container Lock Platform Controling / Monitoring


IoT Cargo Management GPS Container Lock Platform Controling / Monitoring



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